6 Bun Hairstyles for Wedding Step by Step Tutorial

Along with dresses and makeup, hairstyles also play an important role to make girls gorgeous at any event or festival. Here are given 6 easy and cute bun hairstyle which are suitable for formal or informal event. These messy and cute bun hairstyles are also appropriate for wedding ceremony.

Wedding Bun Hairstyles

Bun Hairstyle #1

Two Braids Bun

Separate your hairs into two sections and tie them into two rubber bands. It is like two ponies on the back of the head. Remember to the take front sections of the hairs on your forehead. Means leave strands to give a fashion look to the bun. Now on the back of the head you have two ponies like little girls have while going to school. But don’t worry we will move ahead to make it gorgeous.

Now we will work on one pony and make a loose braid by pulling braids to give volume to the braid. Secure your braid with an elastic band once you reach the end as shown in the images given below. Take the end of braid and pass it out from the upper rubber band tied to make that pony. Repeat the same process on other side.


Pass one loop through the other as shown in the image and pin it up nicely. Use a crown if you have the one to give a fancy look but if you don’t have then skip it. Twist strands by pulling them outward above the crown and pin them. The final look is so gorgeous and elegant that you can wear it on a wedding ceremony.

Bun Hairstyle #2

A Messy Bun

Tie up your hairs on the top of your head like a pony tail but when you cross rubber band second time then keep it loose and at the last twist of rubber band, take pony hairs from the middle and give it a shape of bun. Pin it randomly where ever a pin is required. Take two strands from the front, by middle parting or side parting which one looks nice on your face.

Bun Hairstyle #3

French Braid Bun

To make this third french braid bun hairstyle, divide your hairs into two sections by middle parting. Let’s work on one side of middle parting by making a French braid by slightly pulling it backwards. When you reach at the back of your ears then from here start making a simple braid. Do the same on the other side of middle parting. Don’t forget to take out two strands from each side.

Take the remaining hairs and twist and roll, twist  and roll to give a look of bun. Pin it randomly to secure all the hairs. Take one braid and roll it around the bun and then roll second braid around the bun and pin them nicely. Curl the strands and here you are done.

Bun Hairstyle #4

Twisting Hair Bun

Let’s start with side parting, Leave some hairs on your front side and bind all the remaining hairs on the back of the head as shown in the image. This hairstyle is much easier. Take some hairs at the end of front section and divide it into two parts then start twisting both parts on one another by adding hairs every time you twist. When you reach the back of your ears start a normal braiding by pulling braids to enhance volume and secure it with a rubber band when you reach the end.

In the second part, we will work on the hairs you bind earlier on the back of your head with a pony. Divide this pony into two halves then divide each half into two equal sections. This step is easy as you have to twist both sections on one another then pulling the twist to create volume. Do the same process on the second half.

Take both twisted braids and turn them around the pony and use pins to secure it. After that take the front braid and turn it as well around the pony and pin it up. You can follow the images given below to understand this bun.

Bun Hairstyle #5

Low Messy Bun

Take all your hairs on the back of your head and do a low pony but during the second turn of rubber band pass on your hairs half way through and leave it there. Now twist remaining hairs and secure it in the same rubber band. Use bobby pins to create a messy bun look. It is very easy to do but looks awesome.

Bun Hairstyle #6

Dutch Braid Bun

To make this hairstyle number six divide your hairs by middle parting. Take a small section of hairs on the front of your head and start braiding by adding hairs to the front strand, pass it under the middle strand and repeat the same process as shown in the images given below.

Remember to pass the front and back strand under the middle strand and not above the strand. Continue to this process until you reach the end of your ear. When you reach the end of your ear just continue like a normal simple braid. Start pulling bread to create volume.

Now turn to the second step for which you have to do two simple braids on both sides of the first braid. these braids are done on a very little portion of your hairs as shown in the image. Leave these braids ahead and gather all the hair at the back of your neck. Divide them into two halves hand start twisting on each other. Tie your hairs like a low messy bun by securing it with bobby pins.

Now take your braids one by one and turned them around the messy bun by securing each with bobby pins and here you see the final look which is messy but gorgeous.


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