Latest Stunning Mehndi Designs 2020

‘Heena’ word is used as a synonym for Mehndi which is extracted from a specific plant. The leaves of this plant are dried and then grind it in the form of powder. Now a days, several chemicals are mixed in Heena to enhance its coloration. Mehndi is used to decorate hands of women in Asian countries.

It is a part of culture originated in sub-continent. Mehndi has a great importance in Pakistan & Pakistani brides look incomplete without mehndi designs on their hands & arms. It is a tradition to apply mehndi on hands & feet at several occasion & festivals.

Beautiful patterns are introduced for the application of mehndi including Tikki pattern, Floral pattern etc. It is a custom to apply mehndi on head in several areas of sub-continent. Mehndi Designs vary from tradition to tradition of different counties. The African mehndi designs are bold while Arabic mehndi designs are floral.

Pakistani mehndi designs have developed from bold to fine & simple designs. Application of mehndi designs required a little artistic effort, not a great challenge.

As fashion is ascending to simple & elegant approach, so are mehndi designs. Mehndi Designs are extending from bold & heavy designs to graceful & delicate ones.

Latest Mehndi Designs 2020

As Eid is approaching, women are in search of latest mehndi designs meeting the requirement of latest fashion. Girls are in search of those designs & patterns which contribute to delicacy of their hands. Mehndi experts are those people who crafts new simple & elegant mehndi patterns.

For this Eid occasion, experts have introduced graceful mehndi designs which are easy & simple. We have given a variety of simple mehndi designs that are easy to apply & can make your event memorable.

This simple mehndi patterns are classified into Gold Tikki mehndi patterns, Tribal Heena Patterns, floral designs, Peacock designs etc. Here you will found a collection of mehndi designs for both back & front of your hands.

Gold Tikki Mehndi Designs

Gold Tikki Mehndi Designs are most ancient mehndi designs but the amazing thing is these designs are still liked. You can say that these Gold Tikki patterns never gets old. These patterns are so simple that they required little artistic effort for their application but looks more vibrant.

In ancient times, Gold Tikki designs consist of a Tikki in the middle of the Palm & mehndi around the finger tips only. But now these designs are ascending to a stylish approach. This new approach is a modified one in which there is floral designs or fine lines around the Tikki & extending towards fingers.

Central point of these patterns is a Tikki in middle of the palm & the rest of the hand is mostly empty.

Tribal Patterns Mehndi Designs

Several new mehndi designs are emerging with the name “Tribal Patterns”. This unique type of mehndi designs includes a variety of sharp designs. These designs can be classified as dotted patterns, block patterns or network of lines pattern.

You can combine any of these patterns according to your requirement of the event. These designs are not for whole hand but you can set them at any part of your hand like only to your fingers or wrist etc.

Floral Mehndi Designs

Floral Designs are more simple& delicate with a cluster of floral motifs around the Tikki or extending from one side of hand. These designs are suitable for both front & back of your hand. You can apply these floral motifs with any pattern from one & of your hand to the other or around the wrist extending towards any of the finger.

Peacock Designs

Connected series of fine motifs symbolize traditional mehndi patterns. Peacock Mehndi designs are now a part of all mehndi patterns. The only requirement to make these super patterns is to have a fine tip of your Cone Mehndi.

Modern Mehndi Fashion

Pure Mehndi takes time to leave its color but with the changes in lifestyle people desire to have coloration with seconds. For this purpose, several chemicals are included in Cone Mehndi which you can washout after 5 minutes only.

It is not a surprise that Mehndi is available in variety of colors as well which is well decorated with glitters & gilding.

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